For Sale

The works pictured below are all currently available for sale.

(This webpage was updated Feb 2011) 

Works for sale vary in price according to size and detail. Individual prices are available on request, however as a guide:

  • small pieces up to 250mm x 250mm (such as individual seagulls, kapok flowers and curlews) range from $110 to $170,
  • medium-sized pieces up to 400mm x 500mm (such as frogs, turtles, beachscapes and curlew groups) range from $200 to $600,
  • large pieces up to 760mm x 30mm or 650mm x 900mm (such as large frogs and beachscapes) range from $650 to $980,
  • and extra-large pieces up to 900mm x 900mm, or sets of three 760mm x 300mm canvases (such as frangipani triptych) range from $1300 to $2000.

Unless otherwise specified, all pieces are acrylic on canvas stretched over timber scaffold, ready to hang. Framing is also available at a reasonable additional cost. Free freight within Australia.

Enquiries for commissions are very welcome.

(See "Greeting cards" album for details of cards available for purchase).

See images below for works currently for sale.

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  • Drunk Again (3)
    Drunk Again (3)
  • Drunk Again (1)
    Drunk Again (1)
  • Drunk Again (2)
    Drunk Again (2)
  • Bubbles 2
    Bubbles 2
  • Flippers
  • Microsnorkeller (2)
    Microsnorkeller (2)
  • Microsnorkeller 3
    Microsnorkeller 3
  • Splash
  • Spunky 2
    Spunky 2
  • Sunshine at Alma
    Sunshine at Alma