For a spindly creature that's all eyes and legs, the Bush stone-curlew packs a lungful of spook in their haunting crescendo cry. A threatened species in some Australian states, you won't get away with much on Maggie without being watched by a posse of these gangly little guys.  A comically eery presence magnified after dark by their orchestral wail.

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  • Curlewish looks
    Curlewish looks
  • Cheeky curlews
    Cheeky curlews
  • Happy family
    Happy family
  • Three curlews framed
    Three curlews framed
  • Three wise curlews
    Three wise curlews
  • Two curlews
    Two curlews
  • Elinors Curlews
    Elinors Curlews
  • Night Watch
    Night Watch
  • Curlews with presence
    Curlews with presence
  • Catch a shooting star
    Catch a shooting star
  • Come Away with Me
    Come Away with Me
  • Into the night
    Into the night
  • Paint the town red
    Paint the town red
  • Serenade at Dusk
    Serenade at Dusk
  • Rendezvous on dusk
    Rendezvous on dusk
  • Funky Chicks
    Funky Chicks
  • Trouble
  • Chatting
  • Just Looking
    Just Looking