For as long as I can remember painting has made me happy, so I feel pretty lucky that now I can spend most of my days doing exactly that, in a place I love.

I’ve lived on Magnetic Island since 2000 when I moved here from the Sunshine Coast with my wonderful husband Dave. I cut my teeth showing my art in a number of group exhibitions with the Magnetic Island Arts Co-operative during 2004 and 2005, and am grateful to the group for the supportive forum they provided for self-conscious fledgling artists like myself.

I held my very first solo exhibition at "Barefoot: Art, Food, Wine" on Horseshoe Bay in 2006. "Barefoot" is a wonderful little gallery, and it's restaurant and wine bar provided the perfect waterfront venue for a successful Maggie Island affair. I continue to hang pieces in a variety of North Queensland galleries including "Barefoot", and my range of greeting cards are sold in shops and galleries across the country.

From 2006 to 2007 Dave and I sailed ourselves away on an adventurous little sailboat named "Piper" for a long surfing holiday in PNG and the Solomon Islands. This was one of the bravest and silliest and scariest and best things I've done in my whole life, and now that we're back I'm working on my next batch of images that will reflect our travels.

Predominantly self-taught, I’ve experimented with a number of mediums but prefer to build images in acrylic on canvas. This medium seems most forgiving of my mistakes!  I enjoy using vivid colour, light and attention to detail. My work often tends towards the whimsical, and  involves layering, print-making and textural components. Iconographic Maggie Island imagery features heavily from curlews, kapok flowers and frogs to the island’s distinctive granite and hoop-pine-fringed bays.

But essentially I paint whatever makes me happy, when I’m happy, and hope you can see that in my work. Thanks for looking!


Photo of MelKapokMaggieCurlewPiper